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NJSIG Celebrating 40 Years!

Reporting Claims


Call us at 609.386.6060 Monday—Friday 8:30AM—4:30PM.

For Emergencies:

If you have a loss occurring after business hours that needs immediate attention, please call 609.369.0535.

Please complete the claims ACORD reporting form and email to froi@njsig.org or fax to: 609.386.2188.

Workers' Compensation Accident Reporting Guidelines:

Qual-Lynx: 800.425.3222

How to Report a Workers' Compensation Claim: Nurses Training

Instructions for Reporting a New Workers Compensation Claim

  • In the event of an employee injury, that requires more than a visit to the nurse, the employee must call Qual-Lynx to report the incident.
  • In case of an Emergency:
    • The employee should report directly to an emergency room for treatment.
    • The district must notify Qual-Lynx to expect the employee's call.
    • Upon discharge or when the employee's condition is stable, the employee must call Qual-Lynx.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call 609.386.6060 and speak with one of the workers compensation Supervisors:

  • Gabe Foeldes: x3016
  • Denise Hall: x3092
  • Karen Olsen: x3022
  • Michael Weiner: x3026

Auto/General Liability/Property/Equipment Breakdown/Environmental (Pollution) Acord Reporting Forms:

Acord Reporting Forms are available online and for download.

Errors and Omissions Claim Reporting Information:

Effective July 1, 2015, E & O claims are processed and handled by Summit Risk Services.

New losses should be emailed to: NJSIGCLAIM@SUMMITRISK.COM. If you currently report your claims through your broker, please continue to do so. Your broker will forward the claim to Summit for you.

The primary contact at Summit Risk Services is Richard Pevner, Vice President. Telephone 215-443-3596; cell phone 804-335-8000.

Email: pevner@summitrisk.com

Mailing address/office location is:

220 Gibraltar Road
Suite 100
Horsham, Pa. 19044

Should you have any questions, please contact us at 609-386-6060.

Cyber Liability Reporting:

Claims and Privacy Breach reports should be sent directly to Beazley. Please also send a notification of the filing to NJSIG at froi@njsig.org.


Beazley Group
Attn: TMB Claims Group
1270 Avenue of the Americas, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10020

Fax: 646-378-4039

Email: bbr.claims@beazley.com

Privacy Breaches

Email: bbr.claims@beazley.com

Toll-Free 24-Hour Hotline: 1-866-567-8570

Cyber Resources

Managing Catastrophic Events

Our Catastrophic Events provides information and tips for dealing with catastrophic events and extreme weather that will hopefully make this process easier for you.