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Benefits of Membership

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Specialized Focus

NJSIG is the state's largest and most diverse school board insurance group, serving its approximately 400 members since 1983.

Comprehensive Coverage

All coverages are fully reinsured by the industry's most reputable reinsurers (A.M. Best Rating of A or better).

Safety Grant Program

NJSIG has issued millions of dollars in safety grants to members for safety and security related improvements to their schools. For questions regarding the Safety Grant process, contact grants@njsig.org.

Online & In-Person Training

NJSIG offers a variety of both online and in-person training. NJSIG's Safety and Risk Control Representatives are available upon request to provide both in-house and virtual trainings. We have also partnered with VectorSolutions (formally SafeSchools) to provide an extensive collection of online courses at no additional cost to NJSIG members. Click here for more information.

Property Valuation Services

NJSIG partners with CBIZ Valuation Group, LLC to provide property appraisals to members with property coverage at no additional cost to members.

School Property Inspections

NJSIG regularly conducts inspections of its members' schools at no additional cost. Members are encouraged to schedule a pre-QSAC inspection to assist with New Jersey Department of Education reporting requirements. To schedule an inspection, email riskcontrol@njsig.org.

School Playground Inspections

Playgrounds can be inspected by a certified playground inspector at a member's request at no additional cost. To schedule an inspection, email riskcontrol@njsig.org.

CrisisRisk Crisis Advisory Services

24/7 Crisis Hotline - 1-877-274-7473 OR 1-877-CRISIS-3

NJSIG has partnered with casualty reinsurer Markel Global Re to offer all NJSIG members access to CrisisRisk Crisis Advisory Services and its menu of automated planning resources, tools, training, and information BEFORE a crisis event occurs.

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NEPHA Hotline

201-623-1223 | nepha@cgajlaw.com

NJSIG's Employment Practices Hotline Attorney, administered by Cleary, Giacobbe, Alfieri & Jacobs, LLC, is a service for members that have School Leaders Errors and Omissions coverage with NJSIG. Its purpose is to provide legal advice before an adverse employment action is taken by the member. The hotline answers questions related to FMLA, harassment, discrimination and other employment matters. This service is available at no additional cost to members.

Cyber Liability Hotline

1-866-567-8570 | bbr.claims@beazley.com

A cyber incident isn't always a disaster, but mishandling it is. NJSIG partners with Beazley Breach Response to provide cyber liability coverage and emergency resources. Beazley has an email address and a 24-hour hotline available to members who have property coverage with NJSIG. Email is strongly recommended as the best method of notification. You may alternatively provide notice of an incident by calling Beazley’s 24-hour hotline.

Emergency Crisis Management Hotline


NJSIG partners with Special Contingency Risks Ltd (SCR) to provide assistance to school administrators following an act of school violence. This service is available to all members who have general liability coverage with NJSIG at no additional cost. This Crisis Management Policy includes 24/7 coverage on claims related to threat, kidnapping, hostage crisis, disappearance, and more.

NJSIG Incident Reporting Program

NJSIG's Incident Reporting Program, was designed to help our members put students in direct contact with the most appropriate resources available to keep them safe. All of our poster options are tailored to each county and come pre-loaded with emergency contact information, essential hotlines and helplines, and each county's anonymous crime reporting tool.

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