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NJSIG Celebrating 40 Years!


In-House & Virtual Training

NJSIG's Safety and Risk Control Representatives are available upon request to provide in-house and virtual trainings related to slips, trips and falls, non-violent crisis intervention and more. Trainings can be conducted at the member's facility or virtually.

VectorSolutions Online Training

Formerly SafeSchools

NJSIG offers more than 300 online courses through VectorSolutions at no cost to members. This includes, but it is not limited to, all courses that the New Jersey Department of Education requires. Real-time results are recorded and administrative reports are delivered to the members to facilitate easy compliance. To learn more about SafeSchools, please call 800-434-0154, email support.education@vectorsolutions.com, or visit www.safeschools.com.

Verbal De-Escalation Training

NJSIG's Safety and Risk Control Representatives are certified by Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI), an international training organization specializing in the safe management of disruptive and assaultive behavior. Upon request, representatives can train employees on how to de-escalate tense situations with people of all ages. Members are responsible only for the cost of materials and certification — $25 per employee.

Defensive Driver Training

Online Defensive Driver Training: NJSIG has partnered with National Safety Council to provide an online defensive driving training to members at no additional cost. After completion of the course, attendees may be entitled to a discount from their personal auto liability insurer. To schedule an online class, please contact riskcontrol@njsig.org.