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NJSIG Celebrating 40 Years!

NJSIG Employment Practices Hotline Attorney (NEPHA)

201-623-1223 | NEPHA@cgajlaw.com

Deductible waived, if E&O claim is made and the hotline was used!

All districts that have school board leader liability or "SBLL" coverage, also referred to as Errors and Omissions or "E&O" coverage, with NJSIG are entitled to use NJSIG's Employment Practices Hotline Attorney (NEPHA) and its accompanying online employment resources, at no additional charge!

These valuable services can help your district avoid making employment decisions that can lead to costly lawsuits. When your district is considering taking an adverse employment action, please be sure to contact the hotline and get some valuable legal input first. An experienced local attorney that understands school law in New Jersey will thoroughly review the issues and promptly provide you with documented advice and a recommended course of action. This is all at no charge to the district. And then, if an E&O claim is made against the district but the district had consulted the hotline first, the district's E&O deductible will be waived for the claim! (We ask that only superintendents, business administrators, and human resource managers make inquiries to the hotline.)

Access to NJSIG's NEPHA hotline and website includes the following services for our E&O members:

  • Call 201-623-1223 or email NEPHA@cgajlaw.com for direct access to local employment law and educational attorneys, to receive documented and confidential responses to your organization's specific employment-related questions.
  • Visit http://www.nephahotline.com powered by Zywave for:
    • Online training including sexual harassment prevention courses available for both supervisors and employees.
    • Live and recorded topical webinars, many with CE credits for HR personnel.
    • A NJ and public entity-specific employee handbook and policy building tool.
    • Public entity best practices and resources
    • NJ-specific posters
    • Proactive email updates and more!

Visit http://www.nephahotline.com, powered by Zywave. For more information on the website access, please contact Zywave member services at 877-568-6655 (8:00 am – 8:00 pm EST) or customerservice@enquiron.com.

10 Situations When to Call the Employment Practices Hotline

On a daily basis, school administrators face many difficult decisions in dealing with their employees. The NEPHA Hotline can help your district make the right decisions and avoid potential liability.

Here are 10 common situations that you may face where the hotline can help:

  1. Requests for Family Medical Leave
  2. Requests for Pregnancy Leave
  3. Requests for Disability Accommodations
  4. Coworker or Supervisor Harassment Allegations
  5. Discrimination Complaints
  6. Progressive Discipline (when to move to the next step)
  7. Acquisition of Tenure
  8. Reductions in Force
  9. Employee transfers
  10. Physical and Psychological Evaluations

The above is not intended to be a comprehensive list. When you have concerns regarding a difficult employee decision, CALL THE HOTLINE!

The NEPHA Hotline is operated by the law firm of Cleary, Giacobbe, Alfieri and Jacobs. Only a Superintendent, Business Administrator or Head of Human Resources may make the contact.

View the NEPHA flyer

NEPHA Hotline Services Comprehensive Flyer