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  • Keeping Dollars in New Jersey Classrooms
  • Serving New Jersey schools since 1983
  • Specialized focus and expertise

Our Errors and Omissions Claim Reporting Procedure has changed. Learn more on our Claims page.

For Emergencies:

If you have a loss occurring after business hours that needs immediate attention, please call 609.369.0535.

Please complete the claims ACORD reporting form and email to froi@njsig.org or fax to 609.386.2188.

Workers' Comp:

If you have a Workers' Comp loss that occurs after business hours, please call QualCare at 1.800.425.3222.

More Information:

For more information about our Claims Department and to download forms visit our Claims page.

Managing Catastrophic Events

We want to provide you with information and tips that will hopefully make this process easier for you.

NEPHA Hotline

NEPHA is a FREE service for those school districts that have their School Leaders Errors and Omissions Policy with NJSIG.

Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes from NJSIG board of trustees meetings are available to view online or download.

Safety Net Newsletter

Safety Net is written by members of our own claims and loss control staff!

Loss Control Video Library

As a member of NJSIG, you have access to our extensive video library.

NJ Hall of Fame Curriculum Guide

Learn more about the New Jersey Hall of Fame curriculum.

Mobile Museum

Through the power of images, artifacts, film and a suite of interactive tools, New Jersey's leaders and legends are made accessible to every curious imagination.

Mobile Museum Calendar

Interact with New Jersey's amazing history! The Mobile Museum is always on the move, but if you’re interested in scheduling a private stop for your school district reserve the Mobile Museum now.

NJ Hall of Fame on YouTube

Browse videos on the NJ Hall of Fame's YouTube Channel

Mobile Museum Curriculum Guide

The Mobile Museum has created a curriculum to educate and motivate students to achieve their goals by looking at the lives of people who have achieved success in their professions, communities, and personal lives.

Getting to Know NJSIG

Unlike traditional insurance companies, NJSIG is member owned and controlled. A Board of Trustees who represents the member school districts governs the NJSIG program. The staff of NJSIG is solely dedicated to the needs of our members. They bring a high degree of expertise in school insurance coverages, and they have specialized knowledge of the statutes and immunities that impact school district losses.

Because NJSIG is owned by the member school districts, this means that members also enjoy an ownership interest in the Group. The Group is organized as a New Jersey non-profit organization, and the Group equity is owned by the members and distributed as dividends. Profits do not go to an out-of-state corporation.

NJSIG provides more than insurance protection. At no extra cost, field services are available to your school district including assigned loss control engineers, claims investigators and rehabilitation nurses.

NJSIG currently serves approximately 400 New Jersey school districts. This group purchasing power provides cost advantages that are shared by all members.

NJSIG is a non-profit public entity founded in 1983 by the New Jersey School Boards Association